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"Zac's online courses have taught me step-by-step so I can play guitar confidently and sound great!" 

 - Accountant & Mother of 3



"I teach people how to not only learn guitar, but how to learn music itself.

My online learning system is perfect for guitarists of all stages."

- Zac Pugh, Guitar Educator and Author


3 Core Principles

Zac believes these to be essential to successful guitar playing.

Play Songs

A good guitarist knows that playing both chords and melody is important. I’ve written songs with backing tracks that make you better at both of these things, while also having something to show for it. Learning should be fun after all!

Read Music

Learn the valuable skill of reading music, as you learn guitar! This is often overlooked, and as a result, there is confusion later on. 

I want you to understand music and guitar together, so you have a complete foundation, ready to play in any style and at any level!

Understand Rhythm

Rhythm is how music moves through time. I’ll teach you about note values, time signatures, and more, so you can confidently play rhythm guitar like a pro!

What People Are Saying

"I am getting a lot of enjoyment as I learn guitar through Zac's online courses. His teaching style is fantastic.

I love the way the course is self-paced and I find the backing tracks and printable reference sheets very helpful.

I highly recommend this to anyone who would like to learn guitar. "


"I've been learning from Zac for several years now, and I have grown so much as a guitarist.

He is constantly teaching me new skills and concepts! I'm always looking forward to the next lesson."

Metal Fabricator

"I have learnt a variety of techniques in each lesson.

Most of the songs Zac uses to teach me are all composed by him, specifically to improve different aspects of my playing.

The recordings are so helpful when practicing at home at my leisure.

Zac has proved himself to be totally professional, an experienced teacher and a great musician.

He is, importantly, extremely patient and enthusiastic with a warm and helping personality. I highly recommend him to total beginners and more accomplished players!!"


"I have had the pleasure of learning from Zac personally over the years.

His style of teaching has been so helpful to me.

I am so excited that now anyone, anywhere can learn guitar from him. Thumbs up from me!"


About Zac


Like many people, Zac used to play guitar, but he was stuck. 

After confirming his suspicions that he needed hard work and grit, he eventually 
as come to a place of confidence and understanding of the guitar. 

Zac has developed an online system for learning guitar which can help bypass 
much of the pain involved in learning guitar on your own. He has taught this very 
system to hundred of students.

He is also the author of the globally reknown St Cecilia School of Music's
Contemporary Guitar Syllabus. 







Blog Posts

Here are some recent blog posts that may pique your interest!

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